When Leaders align themselves with the will and intentions of God,

their results become larger than their investment.  Vertical Leadership is a leadership concept that may seem like a new model, but in reality is simply a restoration of God’s original design.  That original design was frequented with outside intervention and larger than natural fruit.  If you are ready to take the journey “back to the future,” we are ready to help you get there.


The Price of Effective Leadership

Martin Luther King once said “Someone must be willing to pay the price for saving the soul of America.”  I have no idea as to what your historical opinion may be of MLK, but I personally have the utmost regard for his values, ideals and accomplishments.  He understood the “why” of an out of balance culture, and the “how” of the process needed to bring it into correction.

In the quote above, he articulates that bringing our culture into correction is going to cost a leader something.  He points out that healing culture is worth enduring the costs of that correction, both for present and future
generations.  It all begins with a leader who cares more about others than there own personal comfort.  MLK cared, and paid the price for caring.  As a result, the soul of America was saved for his generation.  It happened once.  It can happen again, right here in America. 

Are you one of those leaders who is willing to pay the price so that others may live freely?  For real transformation to happen, it is going to take such leadership.