Vertical leadership is not confined to all of the constraints that we have been taught to deal with. 

For years many of you have led God’s people using the techniques and systems of development grounded in the heritage of what I call “natural leadership.” We keep watching, hoping, and by all means praying that we would be one of those who see some significant results. By and large, most of us have been significantly disappointed. Why? We keep using natural leadership, and we keep looking for larger than natural results. That is just not going to work. If you and I want to begin to see fruit that is bigger than our investment and natural abilities, we are going to need to begin to apply vertical leadership.

About Max

Max J. Myers grew up on a working farm near Morrisonville, IL, where his family were members of the local United Methodist Church.  He served in the U.S. Army as a crane operator from 1971-74, and later was commissioned in the Illinois National Guard as a Chaplain Candidate.  His formal education was received at North Central University and Northern Baptist Theological Seminary.  As an ordained Assemblies of God pastor, Max has served growing congregations for 27 years.  Since 2007, Max has served as director of Global Awakenings Ministry School in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Max has his private pilot’s license and loves to fly his Grumman AA-5. In recent years, Max’s passion has been to see a transformation of culture.  This has led to his decision to run for the office of Governor of Pennsylvania, in the 2014 election.  Max and his wife Nina, were married in 1975.  Along with having been the owner of several restaurants, Nina is also a Registered Nurse.  They have two grown children, Renae and Jeffrey, and five grandchildren.

Vertical leadership is a leadership approach that is alive!